the head and the heart wedding Denver red rocks


Husband and Wife creative artist duo. Rio the photographer, Ellegra the sometimes photographer, but really the one that gets the bride being a bride herself. Ellegra knows how awkward it can be to have someone there clicking away during intimate moments and acting natural with a huge camera in your face so she's there to make you comfortable, let you know she's studied your Pinterest wedding board and she gest you, y'all are on the same page and that will give you the warm and fuzzies on your big day. Ellegra's got the details, Rio's got the eye and honestly the personality. Ellegra is going to calm the bride but Rio is going to calm the whole damn wedding, His outgoing fun personality is exactly what you need on a day like this. He makes you feel at ease and uses his creative eye to get the shots, the shots your about to group text to your friends, share with your mom and frame in your house. He's got you. We are going to be with you all day, we aren't going to put timelines on your day. We aren't going to stress you out about planning the day to make sure we get the shots of you getting dressed and getting your uncle twerking after too much wine. We aren't going to give you an unrealistic time we are there and make you pay more for extra hours, you got us. Remember were on your side and we just want to see our new friends get married, have fun and look fly AF while doing it.




Rio. Born to artist parents, when he first found Instagram he stayed up for 24 hours uploading and editing photos.

Will cross the street to pet a dog, loves breakfast burritos, and take pictures of Chicago. 

As a photographer I love taking candids and real reactions to such a powerful situation, moment.

Weddings are the perfect setting for this, raw emotion captured by us. 


Ellegra. Everyone calls her Legs, crafter, nail artist.

Loves ice cream, goat cheese and The Head and The Heart.

After being a bride and planning my own wedding I realized how stressful this whole wedding thing is and the one thing you really get to take away from the wedding besides having a freaking husband is your photos and they should be everything you ever imagined. As a bride, I got your back.